Violence does not come from games

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Old games that people still play to this day

Speculating might result in wrong conclusions

What follows is a conversation all the gamers have had with their friends, parents and significant others regarding the aggression, violence and maybe gore that comes from games such as DOOM, Call of Duty or Assassins Creed.

1. A debate for many

The main reason parents and anyone else that does not play video games worry about violence is probably the fact that there is aggression in some of those games. Lots of shooting, wars, swords swinging around and more, thinking that this affects the mind of the people that play into being more aggressive in real life situations, such as relationships, friendships and all the more human interaction.

In a few words, violence in the game, means violence in real life. But there are many reasons why this thinking is wrong and we will explain it in the paragraphs to follow. Bear with us since the following are TL;DR.

2. Why shouldn’t you worry about violence in video games?

According to over 30.000 people around the world, video games do not lead to violence or anything related to it. Researches from New Zealand’s Massey University, showed that there is no statistically significant correlation between gaming and aggression.

It was below the threshold required to count as even a “small effect”. While indeed this study and link might be a small fracture of evidence on why you should not worry, another study from the University of New South Wales in 2018, showed that gamers who completed violent video games, were less interested and less distracted by violent images in other situations, a phenomenon that the aforementioned research called “emotion-induced blindness”.

Of course, there are many gamers around the world, millions of them actually, meaning that the above studies could mean less to the people that will read this post, so let’s address the whole debate with more logical thinking. If video games indeed cause real life violence, such as shootings, stealing and property damage, take a look at countries such as Japan and South Korea.

Both of these countries take gaming very seriously, in terms of tournaments, gaming development and social gatherings for various events. Japan is the home of Nintendo, Sega and Sony while Korea has a competitive video gaming industry.

An example is set by these countries, while having laws about limiting gun ownership, are among the lowest in the ranking for crimes in the whole world.

3. Taking a look at our everyday lives

If the above were not enough to make you believe that violence does not come from games, let’s look around our personal lives and the people we live with. Youngsters that play video games either on pc or console, learn way more from information that comes from the interactivity of video games, or tend to think more critical in difficult situations either in school or their everyday social life.

It makes the children think differently, and find solutions way faster than normal since in video games there is mostly a specific time frame on which you can make decisions. To put it in a few words, children that play videogames, tend to be smarter and be more creative in their lives.

Last but not least, some people and mostly younger age, tend to throw their anxiety away and forget their everyday problems by playing video games on a daily basis. Coming from an 8 hour shift in your job, forgetting the problems for some hours helps a lot and also, let’s not forget how many people have overcome their depression and many more psychological problems when playing video games. You can say that games often offer life changing experiences!

In conclusion, saying violence comes from videogames, is very heavy wording and often misinforming to people that haven’t searched a lot about this. Before the internet and video games, the world was far more violent than it is now. History showed that it is not games or the internet in general that make people violent, its people that make people violent. So for now, lets all relax, go home and play some video games to overcome these difficult times that we live in the current year.

It is a race from that point on, either the players luck will run out, or the money in the credit card, although in some cases, you can get a refund, there is a good chance this whole incident to cause more real life problems, an empty bank account or credit card is not good for anyone.


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