Online games and social distancing

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Social distancing and online games

We all had plans for 2020, right?

During this COVID era that we are all going through, we decided to write an article regarding the correlation between video games and how they can help with social distancing while still letting you communicate with your friends and loved ones. Playing games during this time, can really relieve stress , bring good times and ways of learning and interaction.

1. Video Games statistics during Pandemic

Last March, one of the most widely used platforms worldwide to play online games, Steam, surpassed 20 million active users, while the “Call of Duty: Warzone” game reached 15 million. In May, “Animal Crossing” attained 11 million players.

An unprecedented digital exodus is happening in the community of gaming fans. However, how does this relate to social distancing and the mental health of children and young people?

Because of the measures that have closed millions of schools and college campuses around the world, students find themselves not only in need to continue learning but also in search of interaction and socialization outside the school to continue developing their social skills and emotional intelligence. Surprisingly, that space is being filled with video games.

2. The online Gaming community changes

Before the pandemic took place, there was a huge interest of video game fans that dominated the gaming community. Lots of gamers were meeting each other in multiplayer video gaming sessions and became friends after playing the same video games for a long time and communicating.

However in today’s situation, the things changed. Youngsters use the multiplayer games to contact friends from school, since they became enstranged due to the measures.

The video game creation platform Roblox is one of the most used by students to engage in cooperative online activities, be creative, and maintain a healthy frequency of social interaction with other children and young people.

Roblox is similar to Minecraft in the sense that it provides users with a set of tools to create various environments from scratch. Yet, Roblox takes it a step further, facilitating the creation of complete games that can be shared and sold on the platform. In this way, the players are not only having fun and sharing with other users but also learning the basics of how a game is structured based on code

3. Gaming can save your sanity during the pandemic

Not everyone manages greatly in this particular time, with the social distancing, the lockdown, so many people and especially adults that are working from home and still talking with their bosses and colleagues in a daily basis, need something to make their mind wander off for a some hours during the day. Another reason why online games help. You do not have tasks that your boss tells you to do all time.

On the contrary, you join a call with your best friends or even your loved one, and you start playing an MMO or an FPS game immediately. You do something that keeps you off the daily routine, and also, makes you stay home and maintain social distancing while having fun at the same time.

Who said you need to go for a coffee to interact with someone. You can now drink your coffee in a virtual coffee house, with a friend while shooting aliens and killing monsters with your legendary sword. What is better than that!

These 2-3 maybe 4 hours that keep you off your work, daily routine and the screams and talking of your work around, can indeed save your sanity during this pandemic while you as person maintain your social distance. You are less anxious about what comes, you brain becomes more active and you stay at home with a smile on your face because you probably won the last game you played with a flawless outcome! Well done!

4. Some games to play during the social distancg measures

Below, we will send you some great online games to play during social distancing!

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games is the holy grail of social distance gaming: The party multiplayer party game options are incredibly simple to learn but are still very entertaining to play and it’s also easy to stream or screen-share games from one device to a group for a virtual game night.

Fortnite / Call of Duty:Warzone / Apex Legends / PUBG

These games are the most known right now, and the most crowded as well. Hundreds of people join in a huge arena, with their mics on ready to swarm the battlefield!

Roblox (Xbox One, PC/Mac, iOS, Android)

Chances are all the kids you know are already playing this. Adults just need to know this- Roblox is actually a gaming platform that features thousands upon thousands of games to play, in every conceivable genre.

Sea of Thieves

Stuck indoors, dreaming about the high seas? Why not pick up the best pirate simulator around? More people seem to use Sea of Thieves as a virtual hangout than an actual game, which it’s the perfect antidote to these times.


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