Old games that people still play to this day

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The good old days…

It is not always the nostalgia that keeps people playing games that are considered old. Sometimes past games are THAT good and far better than some of the games that are released today.

1. The evolution of old video games to the new era

As weird as it might seem, video games were not always a commodity in our culture. Since the first console came out, the Atari that was released in 1972, video games evolved to an extend that are considered work of art and a pillar of community gatherings.

From just a few pixels and bytes, to fully-rendered 3d graphics that look life-like.  Decades have passed since the first game, and everyone has their own image of a classic game.

2. The Classics and what is played

We have made a list with games that are classic and old but people still play to this day to a great extend not because they are considered classic or nostalgic, but because they are simply awesome!


One of the most influential fighting games ever to ever enter the ring, Mortal Kombat has had players ripping each other apart since 1992. This game not only introduced the fatal finishing moves, the photographic sprites, and incredible carnage, but brought about the ESRB rating system. This violent and over-the-top classic is still tearing it up today, spawning a 10-game franchise.

The game is still popular today thanks to the addictive fatality system, satisfying gameplay, and of course, the obscene amounts of bloody fun. Thanks to gaming tournaments, the title and its sequels continue to be favorites among fighting aficionados. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and the rest have all stood the test of time even after duking it out for well over two decades.


When the Zelda series went from top-down exploration to fully rendered, 3D environments, it was a literal game-changer. Though there is some nostalgia factor present, as it was the first Zelda game many gamers were introduced to, it still holds up as a title and continues to be one of the most beloved games today. Its quests, characters, and soundtrack continue to enchant modern gamers.

Before Link was climbing mountains and bashing Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild, he rode Epona across the Hylian hills in search of sages and turned back time with magical melodies. The adventure even got a 3DS remake and became a must-have title for the system. It seems green tights and swords never go out of style.


Though his personality and design were a product of his time, his original 2D platforming games were so phenomenal they even gave Mario a run for his coins. Before he was turning into a were-hog and wearing weird hipster scarves, he was a radical dude with a game that left his mushroom-munching counterpart in the dust.

The original title and its first few sequels are platforming gold. What seasoned gamer doesn’t enjoy a run through the Green Hill Zone, escaping drowning in the Labyrinth, and bouncing on Robotnik’s menacing machines? With a return to form in Sonic Mania, perhaps we might yet see a return from the fastest thing alive.


When the addictive puzzle classic appeared way-back-when, it shook the gaming world. Not only was this game perfect for players on the go, not only was it simple to pick up but difficult to master, it also soon became one of the most played games to ever hit the consoles. Since the beginning, Tetris has spawned legions of ports, clones, and variations leading to a sensational phenomenon.

Since its port to the Gameboy in 1989, Tetris has become the game played around the world, dwelling in the pockets of many casual gamers. Though it’s slightly dated by today’s standards, there is an undeniable enjoyment lining up these colorful blocks. After all, how can that five-line Tetris match not be satisfying?

3. Games per platform

Video Games have been around for over 40 years, there are a lot of players that still play old games that they have enjoyed for the longest time. We are now at a time that even Word of Wacraft is considered an old game and people still enjoy it! Unfortunately publishers release what they want and not hat the community is suggsting, regardless of the platform or genre!

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