Nvidia RTX 30 Series announced

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Nvidia RTX 30 Series

We did not see that coming!

1. The choices

Affordable Luxury, these 2 words best describe 2 out of 3, new Nvidia RTX 30 series that have just been announced. It seems that the company has reached new heights regarding the performance of these new graphics cards models and to top it up, they come at a price that is affordable compared to previous series. 

While the previous series best performance model the RTX 2080 Ti is now selling at price between $899 and $1500, the RTX 3080 of the new series is priced at $699 and the second one following up with a difference of just $200, yes the RTX 3070 will only cost $499 and is estimated to launch in October. 


Although, generally we can not really say “only” followed by a $499 to $699 upgrade, in this case we can, especially when comparing the new RTX 3080 with the up-until-now top graphics card available on the market (2080 Ti). Nvidia has already released charts of what is to be expected from the new series.

2. More power

Let’s not forget about the crown jewel of the new series, the RTX 3090 which will be available from September 24th, 2020 and will be capable of 60fps gaming at 8K resolution, a ground breaking addition in the gaming industry.

Nvidia has promised performance on the RTX 3080 will be up to two times the base RTX 2080, something that would be a game changer in 4K gaming. Now if Nvidia’s RTX 3080 delivers the 50% boost that the company has announced and at half the price then we will not really know what to expect in the near future.

The 8,704 CUDA cores that Nvidia is using on the RTX 3080 and in combination with a 1.71GHz boost clock, it all adds up to nearly 30 teraflops of performance, which is almost 3x times the PS5 and a little bit over 2x the Xbox Series X. The funny part is that they released the new series right before the release of next gen consoles, is that an effort to steal their thunder? Strategic release or just coincidence?

3. What is new in the RTX 30 Series? Better ask what isn’t!

Numbers don’t lie and that is usually what everyone is looking for when buying something but in this case what has a great effect in the performance of graphics cards, so the numbers that you saw on the brochure can also be seen in your screen is heat, Nvidia has designed a new updated dual-fan setup that is aiming to improve airflow by more than 55 percent, remember that your case & fans play a very big role as well.

The RTX 3070 card will also use a similar cooling system to the RTX 3080, with Nvidia’s promises of improved thermals and a quieter operation. Nvidia will be using a new 12-pin connector on its RTX 3000 cards, which is smaller than using two traditional 8-pin connectors.

Starting with the most featured one, here are the specs:
RTX 3080:
CUDA Cores – 8704, Memory Size – 10 GB, Boost Clock (GHz) 1.71, Memory Type – GDDR6X
RTX 3070:
CUDA Cores – 5888, Memory Size – 8 GB, Boost Clock (GHz) 1.70, Memory Type – GDDR6X
RTX 3090:
CUDA Cores – 10496, Memory Size – 24 GB, Boost Clock (GHz) 1.73, Memory Type – GDDR6X

Images | Nvidia.com


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