Gameplay or graphics?

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Gameplay or Graphics

One of the many dilemmas in the gaming industry…

1. Are graphics or gameplay more important to make a good game?

In this article we will discuss why gameplay should be a priority, and why graphics come second in place, in order to have an immersive and engaging experience. Somethinng being beautiful, does not mean that it is greatly optimized and that it has things to do in the game to keep you busy and not boring. So let’s see, gameplay or graphics?

2. The aspects

The main things that people are ready to judge in a video game are the graphics and how the game is being played. Both are important, ofcourse, since the graphics are the ones shown in the trailers, images, before the gameplay stuff comes in, hence, it is the first thing someone sees when ready to play or buy the game.

The gameplay is all about the minute-to-minute part of the game. The gameplay is about what the player is doing during the game and how they go about playing the game. Both are important, but how a game plays is much more important than how a game looks.

If a game is a work of art regarding graphics and everything you see is insanely great to the eye, and has no fun while playing there is not much value in it since in the end of the day, you are doing nothing in the game, apart from looking at it.

3. Examples of graphics over gameplay

Let us take The Order: 1886 for example. It is visually stunning. The game blends the way the certain period looks and uses fantasy elements to create a game that looks like something the industry hadn’t seen at the time of release regarding graphics. 

However, the gameplay is like every other third-person shooter on the market, that makes the person playing the game lose interest in what’s going on.The game loses its unique part because it feels like every other game in the genre.

This is not the only example we have in this articly regarding graphics and no gameplay. “Owlboy,” is a gorgeous 32-bit game on Steam, Switch and some other platforms, and is one of the games that uses the high-bit style to the best use. The game’s graphics are its best aspect unfortunately, because the gameplay is terrible in gameplay. 

Playing the game isn’t fun at all, and many people disliked it because they could hardly reach the end of the game since it was bad and no fun.

4. Examples of gameplay over graphics

Now we will talk about games that don’t look amazing, or aren’t typically considered great-looking, but play great. Two specific games that surely everyone knows or at least heard off are “Celeste” and “Steamworld Dig 2.”

Both games aren’t necessarily great-looking, but they are fun to play, some of the most fun playing in a couple years. In terms of “Celeste,” it has some of the best controls in a game I’ve played in a long time. “Celeste” is one of those platforms that the player is supposed to die a lot, but when they do die, it’s not the game’s fault. Because of how much fun to play the game is, and the perfection of its controls, the player doesn’t want to stop.

Similar to “Celeste” is “Steamworld Dig 2” in that its controls are amazing. Because of the way the game plays, the person playing doesn’t want to stop playing the game. The loop of the game is finding treasure, returning to town to make money and then go and find more treasure. This could get old quickly, but because of how great the game plays, it doesn’t. The gameplay of both games makes the way they look not matter almost at all.


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