Consoles are catching up, new features added

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Old games that people still play to this day

The neverending race…

1. Reasons behing the oldest arguement

Consoles are catching up, for the longest time PC’s had a greater advantage, no internet access, no multiplayer games, game compatibility, graphics, loading screens, limited storage and much more. Consoles are a popular gaming platform with a few 100’s of millions of fans around the world and they do have their own advantages over PC’s, driver updates do not make your game crash, you can enjoy your games on your 40″+ TV, a joystick is enough to play the game and you do not need a dedicated space for it.

These are a few topics that gamers have argued about in the past 20+ years but things are taking a turn for the better for console users. Despite all the disadvantages a large portion of the gaming community still prefer their favorite console over a PC and that has paid off in the past years.

It is true that a console does not have upgradable parts, therefore all the upgrades come with a new model, well there are 2 things right here that are limiting. First of all, the new console will have more advanced technology, therefore the games that are built for the new console are not accessible from the older one, the same goes for the new console, it’s been built to be superior from the older one, so the older games are not compatible with the new one.

2. Playing older games and backwards compatibility

For quite some time now there has been a terminology that you may have heard “backwards compatibility”, that is something that the major players are trying to adapt in their new hardware architecture. Console titles require that you buy a hard copy of the game in DvD or they did for the longest time, until online stores were introduced. Strong efforts were made to ensure that the new consoles would be able to support the older games, for some titles that was done and others it simply was not possible.

After PS3 was released, to allow players to access games from previous consoles, Sony introduced a special section in their store with Playstation and Playstation 2 classics, on the other hand Microsoft added an emulator on the new-at-the-time Xbox to support previous games.

3. Awaiting for the arrival

Q4 of 2020 is going to be the launch date for both Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles. Sony announced that Playstation 5 will have backwards compatibility with PS4 games only. On the other hand, Microsoft will embed backwards compatibility all the way to its first model, released back in 2001.

Both consoles will be using similar CPU’s 8x Zen 2 Cores & GPU’s 16GB DDR6 which is on par with Nvidia’s flagship the RTX 2080 Ti with Xbox having a faster CPU clock but Playstation 5 will introduce new a feature in the console industry, a super fast SSD hard drive with the ability to load 5.5GB/s, lets see what will happen when these 2 monsters collide.

4. Pricing seems too good to be true

Prices are not yet announced and everyone is estimating a price of around $500, even if they cost a little bit more, they still cost half of what a Low Budget PC would cost and 4 ties less than a Top Tier Gaming PC. Once these 2 beasts are available to the market, we will be able to provide a more in-depth comparison but for now, one thing is for sure, Consoles performance is catching up to that of a PC and we do not really know if we should be happy or scared, it sounds too good to be true!


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